Full Service Web Design Agency

Cosmetic Secret Service focuses on the market of Cosmetic companies that do not have the time to maintain their own website or network solutions. From Web Design, Web Development & Internet Marketing – we have you covered.

Our Services

Don’t struggle with other Information Technology companies. Contact Cosmetic Secret Service for a quote today!


Our Web Design Team can deliver you a stunning web site tailored for the cosmetic industry, Logo Branding, Email branding & more.


Stop waiting for business to turn the corner with your old advertising companie and switch to Cosmetic Secret Service today!


Our Web Development Program works along side with your business to deliver the awrsome features your website always wanted.

Languages Written

Our team is comprised of 8 developers and 2 designers. Our Designers design from Adobe Products.

Our Developers are diversed in many programming languages such as: PHP, ASPX, Swift, Java, HTML5, Python and more.


We Design for Mobile Platforms.

Cosmetic Secret Service develops iOS and Android Applications Written in Native Languages for iOS and hybrid HTML5 for Android.

We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

All of our websites are 100% responsive, mobile optimized and SEO ready. Our team works together to bring together our next masterpiece of a website platform.


Our Process & Workflow.

Each project is unquie in it’s own way. That is why Cosmetic Secret Service will craft you a special Statements of Work.

Our team is highly qualified, has 18 years of experience in the real world of Information Technology and has sought out after their own certifications to provide the best platforms available.

Project Research

What is in the market now? How do you compare?


Design Mock-ups and website flow from UI to UI.


Pick your logo, colors and branded icons.


Our team goes to work and develops your project.

Let’s Work Together

We know this is a lot to consume – so lets schedule some time to the right to speak about your website goals.